Олег Хафтанов Айдаров Алабуга Багратион р. до 835

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Род Багратионы
Пол мужчина
Полное имя
от рождения
Олег Хафтанов Айдаров Алабуга Багратион
Смена имени Oleg Khan Alabuga Elgabika (Helgu) Haftansson (Aydarsohn), Salahbi Suvar

Randalin Corvinus [Corvinus]

Baltavar Khan Aydar [Aydar] ум. 855



до 835 рождение:

рождение ребёнка: Alabuga (Elynas) (Elinus) ? (of Biljar, of Albania) [Salahbi]

рождение ребёнка: Ефанда Норманская [?]

ок. 850? рождение ребёнка: Варяжчина, Олег Вещий Русич [Русичи] р. ок. 850? ум. между 912 и 922


In the language of the Turkik peoples the Swyddians were referred to as the Shudians. A brief history of the interaction between Persian Asia and the region now known as Latvia is described in the following excerpt from the Histories of Djagfar Tarihi.

"Djambek told me that he went with caravans to such areas of Artan as Elgauba, that is the "Land of Rivers", Taukuba, that is "Chicken Land", Artan, that is the area by the river Artan ... In the north of Artan he visited a small town Kalbagan, that is "Town or Trading Post of Kalbiys". Kalbiys or Kalbags we called the people of the most aggressive Shudian tribes of the Artan, which eagerly enlisted to the Bulgarian service since the times of Kan Kubrat (the distorted name of Khan Kurbat indicates that either the translator to Russian used the distorted name common in Russian historiography, or that the text is a later compilation. Kul Gali himself would not make such a mistake - Translator's Note). They served not for long, two or three years, to allow to serve and profit to other fellow tribesmen. The gathering place of their troops which they gether for us is called by us Brig [present Riga], and is in the mouth of the river Tauksu."

"And the inhabitants of Elgauba, Elgaubiys (Elgaubilyar) or Elgabiys [Latvians] are timider than Kalbiys and consequently our Kans did not take them for service. It is said that the mother of Salahbi's wife was Elgabika, and so she [wife] was nicknamed Elga. Salahbi too had a nickname, Yolyg (Oleg/Olef), meaning "divinator" ("prophet").

Atille (Atilla the Hun) gave to this word a meaning "senior" as he began to appoint the heads of the subject tribes not the biys, but the priests-atamans because of his greater trust to the "God's servants". However after his death this custom was cancelled, and the word would were forgotten if the Karaims did not remember it. They preserved some of our very old words, for example, "Kagan" (Konungan) which they call the priests. And they continue to call "ataman" their deans. This word was borrowed from them by the Anchians-Chirkeses and they began to call by it their deans and leaders, though we more often prefer to call deans and seniors "duvan" (Drottvan)." additional connections

Elagabalus or Heliogabalus is a Syro-Roman sun god. Elagabalus was initially venerated at Emesa in Syria. The name is the Latinized form of the Syrian Ilāh hag-Gabal, which derives from Arabic Ilāh اله "god" and gabal "mountain") compare Hebrew: גבל‎ gəbul and Arabic: جبل‎ jabal), resulting in "the God of the Mountain" the Emesene manifestation of the deity. The cult of the deity spread to other parts of the Roman Empire in the second century. For example, a dedication has been found as far away as Woerden (Netherlands). The Syrian deity was assimilated with the Roman sun god known as Sol Invictus ("the Undefeated Sun").

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Ближайшие предки и потомки

Randalin Corvinus
рождение: Black Sea Region, Near the Pontic Littoral, Iran
брак: Ragnar ? (Not Ring)
Baltavar Khan Aydar
титул: между 819 и 855, Bulgar Khan
смерть: 855
== 3 ==
Auda Ragnarsdotter
рождение: оц. 780
Бйорн Рагнаров сын Рагнарсон
рождение: 800, Husaby on Munso, Malaren
смерть: после 860
похороны: Jarnsida Barrow, Upland, Þorgautr (Thorgaut......)
Маламир Кубрат
рождение: после 815
титул: между 831 и 836, хан Болгарии
смерть: 836
титул: с 855 по 859, Bulgar Khan
титул: с 865 по 882, Khan of Itil Bulgaria
смерть: 882
титул: с 859 по 863, Bulgar Khan
== 3 ==
рождение: до 850, Birka, Malaren, Roselagen
смерть: 879
Ефанда Норманская
рождение: Ladoga
Uma Vendel (of Roselag)
смерть: оц. 890
Олег Вещий Русич
рождение: ок. 850?, Варяжчина
брак: Ефанда
место жительства: между 862 и 864, Ладога, Русское великое княжество
титул: с 879 по 912, Новгород, Русское великое княжество, новгородский князь
титул: с 882 по 912, Киев, Русское великое княжество
смерть: между 912 и 922, Русское великое княжество
Pressiana ? (Lady of the Develjans)
вероисповедание: Tengristic Pagan
крещение (бапт.): Constantinople, Byzantium, Convert to Christianity
Alabuga (Elynas) (Elinus) ? (of Biljar, of Albania)
титул: Prince of Albany (Albania)
...: 882, Founding of Biljar
Игорь Рюрикович
рождение: ок. 878?
титул: с 912 по 945, Киевский князь
смерть: 945, Искоростень, Киевская Русь
Мстислав Мал Малко Лютый Любечанин
смерть: 971, Доростол, Болгарское царство
Олег Олегович
титул: "Последний король Моравии"
титул: с 940 по 949, Князь Моравии

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