Дзанофет Дильмунин р. до -10000

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Род ?
Пол мужчина
Полное имя
от рождения
Дзанофет Дильмунин
Смена имени Дзапет (зороастрийский), Гайомарт (Шахнаме), Тот (Египет), Дзехут (аккадский)

Yima II [?]



до -10000 рождение:

рождение ребёнка: Khurshed-Chihar [?]

рождение ребёнка: Manushchyhr [?]

рождение ребёнка: Mitro-Miyan II ? (Arjuni, Mithromayan) [?]


In the Shahname there is a reference to the fourth king of Humanity named Japheth. This is undoubtedly a reference to the son of Noah. However, in the same reference he is credited with having created a 35 mile square artificial island underground in which the children of men were saved from the ravages, not of a flood, but of an ice age. This is a case of verisimilitude in which the deeds of an earlier king are blended with and and attributed to a later king with the same name whose deeds mirrored the deeds of the earlier king.

Jahopheth's name rendered in Semitic is JHVH or (Jehovah) and is also in essence the same name as Joshua and Jesus. It is interesting to note that in Christian mythology Jesus is often referred to as JHVH or the pre-mortal God Jehovah made flesh. Which some may argue as being yet another case of verisimilitude.

Zoroastrian mythology makes Gayomart the guardian of the tree of life. Early references make this king a neuter gender from which sprang Male and Female, the first engendered humans.

This Jahopheth was the first of the Egptian Gods given the name of Thoth. The earliest Egyptian myth involving Thoth is an variant of the Zoroastrian myth involving Lord Japheth the guardian of mankind at the onset of the Ice Age. It is important to distinguish that this is a different Japheth than the son of Noah.

When Ra retired from the earth, he appointed Thoth and told him of his desire to create a Light-soul in the Duat and in the Land of the Caves (Terenuthis/Aireyanum), and it was over this region that the sun god appointed Thoth to rule, ordering him to keep a register of those who were there, and to mete out just punishments to them. Thoth became the representation of Ra in the afterlife, seen at the judgement of the dead in the 'Halls of the Double Ma'at'(Dilmunat).

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Ближайшие предки и потомки

Yima Vîvanghat II ? (King of the Living, Vîvanghat)
...: First to institute the Soma sacrament ritual
смерть: после -10000
== 3 ==
Aurijbareda ? (Aurij-Bareda)
профессия: Chinvasti Bareda (guardian of the bridge to the afterlife)
Дзанофет Дильмунин
рождение: до -10000
== 3 ==
титул: -8200, General of the Armies of the Moon

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